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Patricia Ferguson

Superior Threads For All Your Sewing Needs

We now carry a variety of "Superior Threads" for your quilting and sewing needs.  

KING TUT Quilting Thread:  #40/3-ply Extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton
                                                 One-inch precise color change

Metallic                         A strong, durable, beautiful thread
                                             Ideal for embroidery, quilting, applique, and serging
                                             40 wt. and available in 25 colors
               The only metallic thread that is guaranteed!

NATURE COLOR:            Ideal for threadpainting, quilting, embroidery or decorative stitching
                                             Strong, colorfast and brilliant
                                              40 wt. high-sheen trilobal polyester
                                              50 vivid colors

RAINBOWS:                    Amazing one-inch color change
                                              Ideal for embroidery, quilting and decorative stitching
                                              40 wt. high-sheen trilobal polyester
                                              60 beautiful colors

SO FINE!                 #50/3-ply polyester, strong, line free thread
Ideal for all types of quilting and sewing machines
No Slubs!  No lint buildup! Smooth, even twist!

We special order any "Superior Thread" type and/or color .

We also have "Madiera Rayon Embroidery" Thread for all of your embroidery needs!
Special orders available upon request.

We now carry the top 24 colors of Madeira's new "Aerolock Premium Serger Threads"  These threads give you a beautiful serger stitch and priced to sell.  Stop by today and see the beautiful colors that are available.   We can special order any color that we do not stock at no additional charge to .
     Poly Dark          Poly Brown                   Pink  
  Poly Denim          Poly Sky Blue                            Gold
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